Our September Fermenterie Event, in photos, part 1

I have been so busy since this event that I haven’t gotten around to posting these yet, and these are just part 1… After the event I spent nearly a month traveling, and since getting back my free time has been soaking into the process of finding and buying a house for my business and for my life! Which seems to be finally happening. Anyway, here goes — for the next few months I will be catching up to the present.


Our lovely postcard brochures… much thanks to Matt Stauble for his photography and design work


Part of Breakfast with homemade bars by Doug Cullen




My morning workshop, Broths and Infusions… making bone broth from roasted turkey necks and cleaned feet


And a variety of infused oils and vinegars imparting their flavors and colors. Lavender pink in the top right


And a hint of whats to come — Katie Grove, local artist, artisan and teacher, who attended and supported our event as a helper, with one of her baskets and the just-created place settings for the lunch

Next comes lunch —-

Spring Cookery 3 — Strawberry Rhubarb


The best ingredients — all local all fresh. Always the first step…


Finished, buuuubbbling pie, and mini pies for immediate consumption. Rhubarb is only slightly sweet, one reason for its traditional pairing with strawberry, along with the seasonality. The crust is locally grown and ground flower, sea salt, and a mix of butter and coconut oil. The sweetener — a little Rapidura, aka evaporated cane juice.


Eating it. Along with local raw cheese.

Old saying in my family — a piece of pie without the cheese…. is like the kiss without the squeeze.