Covid Thoughts

It’s going to be alright! The plants and fungi have got our backs!

  • Drink lots of tea and take tinctures and syrups if you have them.
  • Herbal Actions you want: Immune supportive herbs like echinacea, myrrh, boneset, usnea, osha, yarrow.
  • Cough Herbs: thyme, osha, propolis, wild cherry bark, licorice (*do no take with high blood-pressure)
  • Soothing or Demulcent Herbs: Using a cough syrup with honey to take the tinctures down with will be good, garlic syrup, elderberry syrup, usnea syrup, birch bark syrup. Marshmallow root powder mixed in with warm water is very soothing.
  • Bourage For Courage, as we used to say at the old Tweefontein Herb Farm (where this borage flower came from).
  • Stay strong. Build your body up to be able to stay as healthy as you can even if you get sick. Take vitamins and herbs, drink tea, eat whole foods, stay off of the sugar and alcohol, definitely don’t smoke, and get as much sleep and rest as possible.
  • You can have no symptoms and spread it. Symptoms can be mild at first and keep worsening for more than 2 weeks. Some people feel better for a few days and then symptoms come back even harder so don’t get cocky.
  • Wear a mask, even a homemade mask to protect others from you, and protect yourself from others. Save the medical masks for medical workers until there are enough for all. Stores are now requiring everyone wear a mask that enters in many places.
  • Do not assume you’re immune if you have had it as we do not yet know how long immunity will last for this virus. Some Corona viruses can be as short as 6 months.

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