I ran into a student of a few years back at the health food co-op where I have been working recently. We recognized each other, and she brightened my day by thanking me for the class, the first multi-session class I ever offered. It was offered through Ulster Community College Continuing Education program, at the herb farm collective where I was living and working at the time. It was a 2 hour long evening class, one day a week, for seven weeks.

Hi Chrisso,

It was good to see you last Sunday at the Co-Op! I wanted to write and tell you how impressed I was with your Homesteader’s Kitchen class. Your class really challenged me to try things I never thought I could do! I now have an understanding of fermentation and a foundation to build on as I try new projects. It’s still a journey, but one that is worthwhile and connects us to our ancestors.

Thanks again. Marianne Gilday

That felt so good to hear.

In that same spirit of thanksgiving, heres a photo of friendsgiving this past year at Clove Valley Farm and CSA. A Big Big Thank you to my community for feeding me in so many ways.


Self Care within the art of household abundance


Re-potting, dividing, cloning…. Allowing my lovely little friends here the space and attention they need to flourish. Most of these succulents have come from other cuttings, or divisions. The pots are thrifted.

I find the feeling of abundance and contentment looking at all of these newly created / differentiated beings almost overwhelming, and I love to mention to friends and family when I notice that their houseplants are ready to be divided.


Some will be gifts. Most will keep me company in the white white grey brown winter, when i need my bright, living, vibrant homies spread around my home the most.


Time in nature, time with nature, sunlight.

soaking up the last hot days of summer.

-love and healing-