Woodstock Farm Festival: Eat Seasonally, Shop Locally (May 20th, 5pm)

We want to help you eat local and seasonal, now more than ever!

For this online workshop we’ve teamed up with Chrisso Babcock of Coyote Kitchen Workshops to guide you through what’s in season this Spring season, meal planning around the market offerings, and how to prepare for a trip to the market each week. Workshop takeaways include seasonal recipes, Spring market meal planning PDF, and specific protocols for shopping amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Workshop tickets are available on a sliding scale from $10-$50. The higher the ticket price, the more impact your purchase will have in our local community. Proceeds for this workshop are split between WFF and CKW, with one third of total sales going to The Table at Woodstock, a local organization we love that provides no-cost, nourishing, hot meals to anyone in our community who needs it. In addition, select the “get one, give one” ticket option and we’ll extend an invitation as a free resource to low- or no-income families around the region who could benefit from having these tools in their back pocket.

Food shopping in these unprecedented times can be overwhelming and fearful. We believe that shopping at your local farmers market is always the best way to get the freshest, healthiest food in your area. As we navigate this public health crisis, it’s hard to deny that the open air market with short supply chains and direct connection to the farmers is truly the safest, most secure food shopping you can do right now. Here in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains, we have an abundant regional and hyper-local food system, where delicious and nutritious food is available year round. We want to help you know what to look for and how to prepare it, so you can eat what’s in season, shop close to home, and strengthen the local food system in the process.

The Woodstock Farm Festival opens May 27th, and we stand with farmers markets across the country that are fighting to stay open, accessible and adaptable throughout this experience. We encourage you participate even if you’re not a Woodstocker! Together we can keep our local food system resilient, our local economy moving, and the health of our community strong.

Virtual Workshop: Cheap & Healthy Kitchen Protocols for Uncertain Times

Thursday, April 9, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST

with a Q&A to follow

$5 – $25 sliding scale

Workshop Description: Recent events have made it clear that the need for building skills and sharing knowledge about efficient food preparation, food storage, and food preservation is more pressing than ever. The internet is overflowing with tips, tricks, and hacks – but how useful is this information without a system, or framework, in which to place it? The way we manage our Kitchen is at the very core of our continued health and well being, and we are doing ourselves a great disservice if we do not consider it carefully and create well reasoned systems and protocols. 

In this 60 minute online presentation, participants will use whole systems thinking to look carefully at the roles that our pantries, fridges and kitchens are playing, with an eye for increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Participants will leave with the mindset and tools to create a kitchen protocol, customized to their needs and space, that can function as a ‘stepped up’ or ‘backup’ system for uncertain times. You may even like the results so much (in nutrition, taste, and savings) that it becomes your primary kitchen protocol.

Speaker: Chrisso Babcock | Coyote Kitchen Workshops, CoyoteKitchenWorkshops.com

 This is the first of a three part webinar series about food and gardens presented in partnership by:

Backyard to Table and BardEats at Bard College.

Questions about the event?
Email Kaitlin Doherty, Backyard to Table

2 Upcoming Workshops 7/22 at SEVA in Kortright, NY

Heya Folks —
  I am excited to announce an upcoming duet of workshops at the SEVA campus in Kortright, NY. Participants can come to either or both workshops, and there will be a break between from 12:00 -1:30 to explore SEVA’s gardens and enjoy a bagged lunch with other participants. As the campus kitchen is vegetarian, participants are encouraged to bring only vegetarian lunches.
  From 10:00 – 12:00:   Kraut, Kim Chi and more
  From 12:00 – 1:30:     Bring a lunch, Explore the gardens
  From 1:30 – 3:30:       Sourdough Bread Baking
  Workshops are $30 each, or $50 for both. To sign up, go to www.sevafoundationny.org/registration or call SEVA at 607-538-1130
  More info on both workshops below.

Vegetable Fermentation:  10-12 AM

Sauerkraut, Kim Chi and other traditional veggie ferments allowed our ancestors to store food, while at the same time making it more nutritious and enhancing its flavor. Simple ferments like this can be made in your own kitchen, saving money over store-bought alternatives and offering you and your family probiotics, B vitamins and more, as well as another doorway to endless culinary creativity.

Join Chrisso Babcock of Coyote Kitchen Workshops for this informative and hands-on 2 hour workshop, and leave with some homemade ferments of your own design. We provide the veggies and jars, but feel free to bring your own quart sized mason jars or vegetables of your choosing if you like.

Sourdough Bread Baking:   1:30-3:30

Long before store bought yeast, baking powder and baking soda were readily available, our ancestors realized that they could lure wild yeasts by leaving a mixture of flour and water open to the air. Traditionally baked sourdough breads rely on a slower process of fermentation that results in an easier to digest bread with a delicious mild sour flavor. We will focus on starting and caring for a sourdough starter, and on baking a simple wheat flour bread without the use of measuring cups.

Join Chrisso Babcock of Coyote Kitchen Workshops for this informative and hands-on 2 hour workshop. Leave with a sourdough starter of your own, and the skills to maintain it and bake delicious sourdough bread at home.