Cheap and Healthy Kitchen Protocols for Uncertain Times

Recent events have made it clear that the need for building skills and sharing knowledge about efficient food preparation, food storage, and food preservation is more pressing than ever. The internet is overflowing with tips, tricks, and hacks – but how useful is this information without a system, or framework, in which to place it? The way we manage our Kitchen is at the very core of our continued health and well being, and we are doing ourselves a great disservice if we do not consider it carefully and create well reasoned systems and protocols. 

In this 60 minute online presentation, participants will use whole systems thinking to look carefully at the roles that our pantries, fridges and kitchens are playing, with an eye for increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Participants will leave with the mindset and tools to create a kitchen protocol, customized to their needs and space, that can function as a ‘stepped up’ or ‘backup’ system for uncertain times. You may even like the results so much (in nutrition, taste, and savings) that it becomes your primary kitchen protocol.