Mead Making Workshop, June 25th at 12:00, and again at 1:00, at The Bear’s Picnic market in Woodstock

Mead 1

Mead, the honey wine of the gods, is the oldest of all of our alcoholic drinks… with some anthropologists proposing that the discovery of mead could predate even human language and culture. Join us at either noon, or again at one, for a 1 hour workshop on making this amazing and ancient beverage in your own home. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of history and fermentation, a recipe or two, and a growler of fresh-made mead with an airlock that they can ferment at home.

Cost: 40$ per participant, which includes a 32 oz growler full of fresh made mead with an airlock to take home, to continue fermenting.

For more information about the market, or to sign up for the workshop, check out Market runs from 12-6, free admission, free parking.

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