POSTPONED/RESCHEDULED: Dandelion Wine Workshop, Saturday 5/27 2-4 @ KBBK


Dandelion 3

Dandelion Wine

Saturday, May 27th. 2:00 – 4:00 PM

@ Kombucha Brooklyn, 906 Rt 28, Kingston NY, 845-514-2911

$30, pay in person or online at


Dandelion Wine is a lovely traditional fermented beverage that captures the spirit of spring. Like any drink, it can be flavored in many ways. Classic dandelion wine is similar to a dry white wine, slightly bitter and herbaceous.

Come and learn how to make this traditional farm-style flower wine. The workshop includes lecture and hands on elements, a discussion of basic home brewing principles and concepts, and a recipe to take home as well as suggestions on what sorts of ingredients / supplies you may want to buy to make a batch of your own at home.

This workshop is a part of the Saturday DIY Fermentation Series at Kombucha Brooklyn. All classes are Saturdays, 2-4, and always 30$; or sign up for 6 classes for the price of five. Check out the whole schedule and links to their Facebook at
If you are planning on attending, please sign up in advance online so we have a headcount– thanks! 
Also, if you are planning on attending and planning on making a batch of your own at home, you can harvest and freeze bags of fresh dandelion flowers whenever they are in bloom — just the flower head at full bloom, with as little of the stem as possible. 30 minutes or so of harvesting before you mow your lawn should fill a few quart ziplock bags and give you enough to work with. 

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