Cheese Making Workshop, January 14th

Basics of Home Cheese Making with Coyote Kitchen Workshops
Saturday, January 14th, 2:00 – 4:00 PM
at Kombucha Brooklyn, 906 Rt 28, Kingston, (845) 514-2911

$30, pay in person or online at

Making cheese at home is a fun, easy and healthy project that anyone can do. While there are many books on cheese making with dense pages of precise directions, it is possible to make many simple cheeses in your own kitchen with nothing but high quality milk, rennet, cheesecloth and salt. Rather than focusing on making one particular cheese, this class will cover the creation of curds and the basic process of making three simple families of cheese — fresh cheeses, brined cheeses, and hard waxed cheeses. Students will leave with a greater understanding of cheese, and the knowledge to make homemade chevre, feta, and basic hard cheeses.
This workshop is a part of the Saturday DIY Fermentation Series at Kombucha Brooklyn. All classes are Saturdays, 2-4, and always 30$; or sign up for 6 classes for the price of five. Check out the whole schedule and links to their Facebook at

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