RESCHEDULED: Sake Making Workshop, Saturday January 21

Sake Making with Coyote Kitchen Workshops
Saturday, January 21, 2:00 – 4:00 PM
at Kombucha Brooklyn, 906 Rt 28, Kingston, (845) 514-2911
$30, pay in person or online at

Join in making a large batch of sake, exploring the flavors imparted by different kinds of rice. Sake is a simple rice wine that is made with both yeast and Koji, the mold culture also responsible for miso paste and traditional soy sauce. Enjoy light homemade Japanese snacks as you learn the skills to make a batch your own of sake at home.

This workshop is a part of the Saturday DIY Fermentation Series at Kombucha Brooklyn. All classes are Saturdays, 2-4, and always 30$; or sign up for 6 classes for the price of five. In addition to the many other talented teachers offering classes, I will be teaching again at KBBK on January 14th, on the Basics of Homemade Cheese. Check out the whole schedule at

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