Spring Cookery 3 — Strawberry Rhubarb


The best ingredients — all local all fresh. Always the first step…


Finished, buuuubbbling pie, and mini pies for immediate consumption. Rhubarb is only slightly sweet, one reason for its traditional pairing with strawberry, along with the seasonality. The crust is locally grown and ground flower, sea salt, and a mix of butter and coconut oil. The sweetener — a little Rapidura, aka evaporated cane juice.


Eating it. Along with local raw cheese.

Old saying in my family — a piece of pie without the cheese…. is like the kiss without the squeeze.


Spring Cookery 2 — Some Next Level Cheeses


Sitting on a tuffet…. separating my curds and whey


Beautiful curds, some of which go into this maddd profeshhhh cheeze mold (a mini yogurt container with holes poked in the bottom)


To become a slightly harder cheese


The next morning…


And then get enchanted! The one on the left — covered in bacon grease and wrapped in cheese cloth in an ancient process of preserving cheese with saturated fats. The one on the right, likewise infused but with strawberry infused Gin — the alcohol in this case offering preservation as well as flavor profiles.


Whereas some of the curds, still loose, where set aside to be…


Wrapped in lightly smoked wild grape leaves and soaked in wine for days or weeks! Except I couldn’t wait that long…


The texture and color a few days out.

Techniques such as these covered in the newly offered Advanced Cheese Making techniques.  Love!