Fall SUNY Class Completed, and again in the spring…

In the beginning of November, I had my last class through the SUNY Ulster Continuing Ed program. There were 10 students, all of whom enjoyed the class, which ended with a feast. The one issue that I people told me they had with the class was the location, which was just not the perfect workshop space. So, in the spring, I will be teaching my next class on the campus, in a special kitchen classroom! Moving up in the world!

My class in the spring, again titled Homesteader’s Kitchen Intensive, will be once a month for three months; each session is 3 hours. As mentioned, it will be hosted in a cushy kitchen classroom that the Continuing Ed people have made available.

Students can expect to learn many of the same things I taught this fall: sourdough bread baking and cheese making,  vegetable and fruit  preservation, home wine and mead making, and the history and practice of traditional nutrition.

The class starts in April, and runs through June. I will post the details when SUNY makes the spring course catalog available.

Happy Holidays!

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