Fermentation 101 at the West Hurley Library


On March 5th I taught a  workshop on Lacto Fermentation at the West Hurley Library. Thanks to everyone who came and got their hands messy, and left with a quart jar of homemade Kraut / Kim Chi / Salt brined veggies ~~

I have been pondering lately just how important it is to reconnect with our food, and our bodies, in this way. We are a culture that has largely lost the most basic kitchen arts. I sometimes encounter college students who have never chopped a cabbage, or don’t recognize a beet. Nourishing our families in this way, while also starting, even in small increments, to remove ourselves from the modern system of wasteful / low quality / long distance food production, shipping, and marketing, is a huge step in the right direction…

But ’nuff preaching. Heres some of my favorite photos from the March 5th workshop, which was filled to capacity with about 14 participants. All photos taken by the lovely Dawn Iler.





and my personal favorite photo from the workshop…


Homesteaders Kitchen, Japanese Kitchen in the fall…

In the fall I will be teaching two classes through SUNY Ulster Continuing Ed, one which I have now offered twice, Homesteaders Kitchen Intensive, and a new class covering Japanese Home Cooking.

3 gallon ceramic crock of miso ready to begin its 6 month fermentation

3 gallon ceramic crock of miso ready to begin its 6 month fermentation


Both courses will be once monthly for three months, on weekends in a kitchen on the Stone Ridge Campus of SUNY Ulster.

The Homesteaders Kitchen Intensive will cover Cheese making, Sourdough Bread Baking, Lacto-fermentation and pickling, and basic wines and meads.

The Japanese course will cover many basics — Making soup stocks, both bone broth and mushroom broth; making Miso Paste and Sake; and making various other odds and ends, culminating in making a sushi and soup meal together.

Hope to see you in class —