Self Care within the art of household abundance


Re-potting, dividing, cloning…. Allowing my lovely little friends here the space and attention they need to flourish. Most of these succulents have come from other cuttings, or divisions. The pots are thrifted.

I find the feeling of abundance and contentment looking at all of these newly created / differentiated beings almost overwhelming, and I love to mention to friends and family when I notice that their houseplants are ready to be divided.


Some will be gifts. Most will keep me company in the white white grey brown winter, when i need my bright, living, vibrant homies spread around my home the most.


Time in nature, time with nature, sunlight.

soaking up the last hot days of summer.

-love and healing-

the Wild

Beautiful days up on the mountain

The season, among other things for blueberries, juneberries, huckleberries and more… wintergreen. St Johns wort. Sweet fern.

Reminded, recently, how important it is to ground deeply in nature. frequently.


DSC02585 DSC02583